Salsa, tomato, for canning

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Side Dish  
Preparation Time
0 Minutes  
Serving Size
Refresh / Double it
Makes 6 or 7 pints  
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Joyce McGuire

5 lb
(7-8 cups TOTAL) tomato

1 lb
green bell pepper

3 ea
to taste jalapeno pepper

3 clv
to taste garlic

1 c
vinegar, apple cider

1/2 c
loosely packed, fresh cilantro

2 T

1/2 t

2 t

1 t
to taste sugar

1 1/2 c
diced onion, white

Replace green peppers with Anaheim peppers if desired.1 jalapeƱo pepper makes a nice heat. Use seeds if you prefer hotter salsa.  Need total of 1-1.5 cups of assorted peppers. 

Sterilize pint size jars and start boiling water in hot water canning pot.  Keep jars warm while preparing salsa.

Roast peppers until blackened all over.  Can grill or broil them.  Place in paper bag a few minutes to loosen skin, then remove as much skin as possible.  Seed and dice. Need 1-1.5 cup TOTAL

Peel tomatoes either by blanching them, grilling them or broiling them. Remove core and cool slightly.  Remove peels then chop tomatoes.  Save juices! Need 7-8 cups TOTAL

Put all ingredients in large stainless steel pot, bring to boil then simmer 10 minutes.

Place jar lids in boiling water to sterilize.

If you prefer a smoother salsa, puree using blender or immersion blender.  We prefer to do puree half the batch only.

Adjust seasonings.  If to acidic, add slightly more sugar.  If to sweet, add vinegar.

Ladle salsa into jars leaving 1/2 inch head space. Wipe jars clean with clean paper towel.  Place lids and rings on and seal. 

Place jars into rack for hot water bath and cover jars with at least one inch of water.  Bring to rolling boil and process 15 minutes (adjust for altitude).  Turn off heat and let jars sit in hot water 5 minutes.  Remove carefully from water and let sit on counter top till completely cooled. Listen for the "pop" and then double check seals. Label.

Sealed will keep for one year.  Unsealed need to be refrigerated and eaten in a few days.