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View Cookies, Cowboy  One of Mark's favorites. Replace chocolate chips with nuts, raisins or M&M's if desired  Mom McGuire
(private) MCCC Baked Oatmeal  Add raisins or other dry fruit if desired. Serve with warm milk. Good reheated the next day.  Allan McGuire
(private) Sante Fe Chicken Fajita Soup    Allan McGuire
(private) Cookies, Trudies Special    Allan McGuire
(private) Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup    Allan McGuire
(private) MCCC Scones  Excellent Scone Recipe  Allan McGuire
View Cookies, Mark McGuire Triple Chocolate  Mark came up with idea and Allan sold in MCC  Mark McGuire
View Cookies, Mocha Chocolate Chip  Makes 15 large cookies  Joyce McGuire
View Salsa 2, tomato for canning  Use apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or lime juice  Joyce McGuire
View Strawberry Shortcake  Easy and Good  Joyce McGuire
View Crackers, Flat bread  Mom cut this recipe out of the newspaper and we made it lots as children.  Joyce McGuire
View Meat balls  Use masala for a different flavor  Joyce McGuire
View Hot chocolate Mix  Make a big batch for the winter  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Gingerbread  Favorite Christmas Gingerbread Cookies  Joyce McGuire
View Truffles, Cookie Dough  Very good and easy. Keep refridgerated  Joyce McGuire
View Dinner Rolls; Whole wheat    Joyce McGuire
View Buckeyes  Easy Christmas Candy  Joyce McGuire
View Jam, Spiced Rhubarb    Joyce McGuire
View Grape Juice  From Kristi Sellers  Joyce McGuire
View Wonton Soup  Use fresh spinach or sugar snap peas in place of Bok choy if desired  Joyce McGuire

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