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View Dressing, Honey Mustard  Very good with chicken with cajun spices and salad.  Joyce McGuire
View Tomato Soup  Very good! Adapt spices to your taste.  Joyce McGuire
View Curry (Indian)  Very Good! Use fresh ginger, it is needed! Replace beef with chicken if desired.  Joyce McGuire
View Spinach and Artichoke Dip  Very good! Omitting the Parmesan cheese will make it a lot less salty.  Joyce McGuire
View Sauce, Marinara Spaghetti  Very good. I like this MUCH better than store bought.  Joyce McGuire
View Samosas - Beef  Very good. Not like the ones in Swaziland.  Joyce McGuire
View Truffles, Oreo Cookie  Very Rich, keep refridgerated  Joyce McGuire
View Bread, Excellent for Sandwiches.  Warning: bread rises very high; Makes two LARGE loaves  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Chocolatey Chocolate Chip  Wonderful cookies, huge batches!   Joyce McGuire
View Hot Chocolate Mix, Emergancy  You can use a blender, but a food processor is easier.   Joyce McGuire

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