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View Cookie, Chocolate Chip Chocolate  Replace chocolate chips with peanut butter chips if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Chocolate chip using Almond flour  Replace coconut oil with butter if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Sauce, Sweet and Sour  Replace part of water with reserved pineapple juice if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Hummus  Replace up to half garbanzo beans with black beans.  Joyce McGuire
View Dressing, Creamy Italian  Similiar to Olive Garden  Joyce McGuire
View Honey Mustard Pretzels  Still in trial stages, very good, but not quite right. Suggestions?  Joyce McGuire
View Spiced Nuts  Substitue walnuts or almonds for pecans if desired.  Joyce McGuire
View Cinnamon Almonds  Substitute mixed cashews and walnuts for part of the almonds if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Dumplings  This is a heavy dumpling and good in any broth. Also good with butter and garlic.  Joyce McGuire
View Salad Dressing, Honey Mustard  This is better than store bought.  Joyce McGuire
View Cake, Zucchini with chocolate chips  To make gluten free, replace flour with all purpose Gluten free flour  Joyce McGuire
View Bread, Pita  To make whole wheat, see directions below. Can make up to 3 days ahead. Make as early in day as possible for best taste.  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Sugar (our favorite)  Try adding 1/2 cup cocoa to make chocolate sugar cookies  Joyce McGuire
View Multi-Grain English Muffin Bread  Two loaves, very good  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin  Use 3/4 c brown sugar and 1/4 c sugar if desired.   Joyce McGuire
View Salsa 2, tomato for canning  Use apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or lime juice  Joyce McGuire
View Truffles  Use different chocolates for different flavors. Store in refrigerator.  Joyce McGuire
View Spice, Chicken Fajita Mix  Use for an easy Fajitas  Joyce McGuire
View Wonton Soup  Use fresh spinach or sugar snap peas in place of Bok choy if desired  Joyce McGuire
(private) Sourdough Starter  Use glass or plastic to make and store! Use whole wheat flour, whole rye flour or unbleached bread flour to make.  Joyce McGuire

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