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View Saffron bread  1 loaf; Similiar to bread from Calumet, Michigan. Great with Thimbleberry jam. This bread was our special treat when we went up North and we always brought some home to freeze for later.  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Chocolate Chip  3 Dozen; Excellent Option, replace 1/4 cup butter with "natural" peanut butter  Joyce McGuire
View Cookie, Chewy Chocolate  4 1/2 dozen  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Mrs. Field's  About 100 cookies  Joyce McGuire
(private) Bread, Whole Wheat (100 %) Sandwich  Adapted from Artisan breads every day; OPTIONAL: Replace 1/2 cup wheat flour with uncooked oatmeal, cornmeal or flaxseeds, or rye flour. This rises very well, and Mark likes to call it "The Bread that Takes Over the World"  Joyce McGuire
View Cinnamon Rolls  Add this to 1/2 recipe basic sweet roll dough! Replace sugar with brown sugar if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Potato Salad, Baked  All measurements are approximate. Season to taste.  Joyce McGuire
View Pudding Dessert  Auntie Kristi's Aunt Carolyn's recipe  Joyce McGuire
View Pickles, Great Grandma Reble  Brine is for one quart. Make as much as you need to cover cucumbers!  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken with Garum Masala  Brining will make the chicken salty, rinse well and do not use additional salt in recipe!  Joyce McGuire
View Spice, Ranch stye for salad dressing  Can also use for Vegetable dips  Joyce McGuire
View Sauce, Enchilada   Can be frozen  Joyce McGuire
View Butternut, Quinoa and Dried Cranberry casserole  Can cook casserole in a small pumpkin if desired. Pepitas are green pumpkin seeds.  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cake  Can use walnuts instead of pecans.  Joyce McGuire
View Egg Nog  Delicious! We make without Bourbon and the kids like it.  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel Turtles  Don't forget to butter the wax paper well!  Joyce McGuire
View Tea, Chai Mix  Drink hot and enjoy  Joyce McGuire
View Strawberry Shortcake  Easy and Good  Joyce McGuire
View Buckeyes  Easy Christmas Candy  Joyce McGuire
View Tomato Gravy, Indian  Eat with Basmati rice  Joyce McGuire

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