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View Chicken Naan Pockets  Very good for lunch; replace Pita with Naan  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken with Garum Masala  Brining will make the chicken salty, rinse well and do not use additional salt in recipe!  Joyce McGuire
View Italian Beef with dried herbs  From Kristi Sellers  Joyce McGuire
View Jam, Rhubarb  Kristi Seller's Grandma Cardin's Recipe  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Mark McGuire Triple Chocolate  Mark came up with idea and Allan sold in MCC  Mark McGuire
(private) Sante Fe Chicken Fajita Soup    Allan McGuire
(private) Cookies, Trudies Special    Allan McGuire
(private) Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup    Allan McGuire
(private) MCCC Scones  Excellent Scone Recipe  Allan McGuire
View Cookies, Cowboy  One of Mark's favorites. Replace chocolate chips with nuts, raisins or M&M's if desired  Mom McGuire

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