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View Cookies, White Chunk Macadamia  Makes almost 3 dozen  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken with Spicy Onions  Excellent. Can use 1/2 tsp of cumin powder instead of the seeds.  Joyce McGuire
View Potato Samosas  Muzghaan made for us and this is our remembered recipe  Joyce McGuire
View Cake, Angel Food  Recipe from Connie Miller.   Joyce McGuire
View Bread, Excellent for Sandwiches.  Warning: bread rises very high; Makes two LARGE loaves  Joyce McGuire
View Rolls, Oatmeal  From Mrs. Deardorff  Joyce McGuire
View Chocolate Cherry Nut Yeast Bread  Makes 2 loaves, can substitute dried cranberries for cherries and mini chocolate chips for dark chocolate chips.  Joyce McGuire
(private) Bread, Whole Wheat (100 %) Sandwich  Adapted from Artisan breads every day; OPTIONAL: Replace 1/2 cup wheat flour with uncooked oatmeal, cornmeal or flaxseeds, or rye flour. This rises very well, and Mark likes to call it "The Bread that Takes Over the World"  Joyce McGuire
View Sauce, Sweet and Sour  Replace part of water with reserved pineapple juice if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Oatmeal Pumpin    Joyce McGuire
View Cookie, Chocolate Chip Chocolate  Replace chocolate chips with peanut butter chips if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Polish Potato Bread  Polish Okregly Chleb Kartoflany, very good white bread, Large Loaves  Joyce McGuire
View Cake, Strawberry  Made for Andrea's 9th Birthday. Very good! Makes 3 layers, use two and freeze one if desired.  Joyce McGuire
View Pasty  From Daddy Replace turnip with rutabega if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel, Dark Chocolate  Okay to double recipe, We used Ghirardelli Bittersweet chocolate chips, Very good first used Christmas 2011  Joyce McGuire
View Ice Cream, French Vanilla  Makes 3 quarts, save the egg whites for cake or omelets, Use your favorite candy in place of chocolate chips.  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken Qorma (Mild Curry)  One of Allan's meals while in Balakot, Pakistan working with the earthquake relief effort.  Joyce McGuire
View Multi-Grain English Muffin Bread  Two loaves, very good  Joyce McGuire
View Roasted garlic    Joyce McGuire
View Saffron bread  1 loaf; Similiar to bread from Calumet, Michigan. Great with Thimbleberry jam. This bread was our special treat when we went up North and we always brought some home to freeze for later.  Joyce McGuire

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