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View Cookies, Chocolatey Chocolate Chip  Wonderful cookies, huge batches!   Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Chocolate chip using Almond flour  Replace coconut oil with butter if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Chocolate Chip Pumpkin  From Meredith Irving. Allan liked this so much he asked for the recipe.  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Chocolate Chip  3 Dozen; Excellent Option, replace 1/4 cup butter with "natural" peanut butter  Joyce McGuire
View Cookie, Chocolate Chip Chocolate  Replace chocolate chips with peanut butter chips if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Cookie, Chewy Chocolate  4 1/2 dozen  Joyce McGuire
View Coffee Body Scrub    Joyce McGuire
View Cinnamon Sugar    Joyce McGuire
View Cinnamon Rolls  Add this to 1/2 recipe basic sweet roll dough! Replace sugar with brown sugar if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Cinnamon Almonds  Substitute mixed cashews and walnuts for part of the almonds if desired  Joyce McGuire
View Chocolate Cherry Nut Yeast Bread  Makes 2 loaves, can substitute dried cranberries for cherries and mini chocolate chips for dark chocolate chips.  Joyce McGuire
View Chili, White  Good for cold weather. Freezes well, but chicken will shred  Joyce McGuire
View Chili, Black Bean Vegetable    Joyce McGuire
View Chicken with Spicy Onions  Excellent. Can use 1/2 tsp of cumin powder instead of the seeds.  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken with Garum Masala  Brining will make the chicken salty, rinse well and do not use additional salt in recipe!  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken Qorma (Mild Curry)  One of Allan's meals while in Balakot, Pakistan working with the earthquake relief effort.  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken Naan Pockets  Very good for lunch; replace Pita with Naan  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken Marinade    Joyce McGuire
View Chicken and Cashews  From Kristi Sellers, given to her from a Miss'y friend from YWAM Thailand  Joyce McGuire
View Carmel Corn  From Miss Margaret. Accidently made with 1/2 cup butter and it was wonderful. Bake just over an hour. Allan said it "melts in your mouth".  Joyce McGuire

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