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View Salsa, tomato, for canning  Makes 6 or 7 pints  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Civil War Ginger Spice  Makes 8 dozen Makes a cake type cookie, very good  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Cowchip  Makes a lot! Made at Great Grandma Rebles house.  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, White Chunk Macadamia  Makes almost 3 dozen  Joyce McGuire
View Pie, Sauerkraut Cream  Makes two pies or one 8x10 "bar cookie"  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Mark McGuire Triple Chocolate  Mark came up with idea and Allan sold in MCC  Mark McGuire
View Crackers, Flat bread  Mom cut this recipe out of the newspaper and we made it lots as children.  Joyce McGuire
View Salsa, Black Eyed Pea  Mom M. brought us some when Megan was born. Very good!  Joyce McGuire
View Home made yogurt  Much better than store bought  Joyce McGuire
View Potato Samosas  Muzghaan made for us and this is our remembered recipe  Joyce McGuire
View Lip Balm  Need small (around 1/2 oz) lip balm tins or containers   Joyce McGuire
View Caramel, Dark Chocolate  Okay to double recipe, We used Ghirardelli Bittersweet chocolate chips, Very good first used Christmas 2011  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel, Spiced  Okay to double recipe. First used Christmas 2011. Use 3/4 tsp ginger and nutmet and 1/4 tsp cloves if doubled.  Joyce McGuire
View Laundry Soap  Omit baking soda if water is soft.  Joyce McGuire
View Pie Crust, Gluten Free  Omit sugar if you don't want a sweet crust  Joyce McGuire
View Chicken Qorma (Mild Curry)  One of Allan's meals while in Balakot, Pakistan working with the earthquake relief effort.  Joyce McGuire
View Cookies, Cowboy  One of Mark's favorites. Replace chocolate chips with nuts, raisins or M&M's if desired  Mom McGuire
View Pie, Rhubarb  Plain Rhubarb is much better than Strawberry Rhubarb!  Joyce McGuire
View Polish Potato Bread  Polish Okregly Chleb Kartoflany, very good white bread, Large Loaves  Joyce McGuire
View Cake, Angel Food  Recipe from Connie Miller.   Joyce McGuire

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