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View Bread, Excellent for Sandwiches.  Warning: bread rises very high; Makes two LARGE loaves  Joyce McGuire
View Bread, Pita  To make whole wheat, see directions below. Can make up to 3 days ahead. Make as early in day as possible for best taste.  Joyce McGuire
(private) Bread, Whole Wheat (100 %) Sandwich  Adapted from Artisan breads every day; OPTIONAL: Replace 1/2 cup wheat flour with uncooked oatmeal, cornmeal or flaxseeds, or rye flour. This rises very well, and Mark likes to call it "The Bread that Takes Over the World"  Joyce McGuire
View Brownies  Fudgie type brownies  Joyce McGuire
View Brownies, Gluten Free    Joyce McGuire
View Bubbles  Let sit overnight for best bubbles  Joyce McGuire
View Buckeyes  Easy Christmas Candy  Joyce McGuire
View Butternut, Quinoa and Dried Cranberry casserole  Can cook casserole in a small pumpkin if desired. Pepitas are green pumpkin seeds.  Joyce McGuire
View Cajun Spice Blend   Great on Chicken!  Joyce McGuire
View Cake Flour  Use in recipes calling for cake flour  Joyce McGuire
View Cake, Angel Food  Recipe from Connie Miller.   Joyce McGuire
View Cake, Strawberry  Made for Andrea's 9th Birthday. Very good! Makes 3 layers, use two and freeze one if desired.  Joyce McGuire
(private) Cake, Thunderbolt  Very good cake!  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel  From Jody Filpus, very good!  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel Crunch  From Val Kirk  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel Turtles  Don't forget to butter the wax paper well!  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel, Chocolate  First tried Christmas 2010  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel, Dark Chocolate  Okay to double recipe, We used Ghirardelli Bittersweet chocolate chips, Very good first used Christmas 2011  Joyce McGuire
View Caramel, Spiced  Okay to double recipe. First used Christmas 2011. Use 3/4 tsp ginger and nutmet and 1/4 tsp cloves if doubled.  Joyce McGuire
View Carmel Corn  From Miss Margaret. Accidently made with 1/2 cup butter and it was wonderful. Bake just over an hour. Allan said it "melts in your mouth".  Joyce McGuire

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